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Bukoba Head Quarters

Custom Road, Forodhani St. Plot No. 92 P. O. Box 410, Bukoba, Tanzania +255756265692/+255757084352 info@tanicacafe.co.tz / tanicamm@tanicacafe.co.tz

Dar es Salaam Branch

NHC Road, Shekilango St. Plot No. 249-252, Block G P. O. Box 9660 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania +255716005300/+255765051120 tanicadar@tanicacafe.co.tz

Arusha Sales Point

Makao Mapya St. Opposite Masjid Cuba Plot No, Block F P. O. Box 1382 Arusha, Tanzania +255755025361 salesarusha@tanicacafe.co.tz

Mwanza Sales Point

Airport Road, Nyamanoro St. Block no. 148 Plot F P. O. Box 10377

Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania +255755848419/+255759681683 salesmz@tanicacafe.co.tz

Tanganyika Instant Coffee Public Limited Company, producer of Pure Spray Dried Instant Coffee

Discover the Products we Provides

Instant Coffee

We have Tanica Café blend, Kilimanjaro blend and Bulk

Roasted and Ground Coffee

Made only from selected high-quality Robusta coffee beans from Tanzania

Roasted Beans

Whether is a heavy sweet natural Robusta or Arabica the first specie of coffee.

Tanica Water

TANICA PLC brings you Tanica Water, the best drinking water with fresh, clean and pure taste.